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B-Movie, a tiny cinema with a capacity of just 62 people, is a real jewel in Hamburg’s cinema scene. Its name sells it a bit short, as the bill consists of quality foreign movies, political films and retrospectives. Located in a courtyard, it would be hard to find were it not for the hand-painted sign and wall decorations which lead you to the foyer. There is a special film night for hearing-impaired people every last Tuesday of the month (non-hearing-impaired viewers also welcome).

B-Movie is also home to the “Documentary Film Salon on St. Pauli,” an initiative which operates on a donation-only basis and calls itself a ” free space where people can test alternative concepts for the creation of social coexistence.”

A cooperative, commercial-free cinema, B-Movie solicits donations under its “Fistful of Dollars” campaign.





Creative Commons “B-Movie” by Yandle is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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